Most clips and images on this page were created by me so please do not redistribute anything without my consent. You are entitled to your own opinions on every firework. Keep in mind that an item from previous years may differ drastically from the same item this year due to many factors beyond the consumer's control. Use these clips as a reference when researching fireworks, but use your own good judgment when it comes time to purchase. It's wise to test before you buy in bulk.

I originally recorded fireworks for personal reference so don't expect anything professional. Older grainy videos were captured on a Fuji Finepix 3800 digital still camera back around 2001 when this website was hosted on a computer in my bedroom. Other videos were recorded on a Fuji S7000 digital still camera or a Canon ES8600 Hi8 camcorder. Zoom is never used, so you are seeing the actual size breaks from the camera's perspective. Average distance between device on ground and camera is 30-80ft. Audio and video have not been enhanced.

To view video clips, select your video destination below. I suggest turning the bass up a little so it sounds more realistic. My digital cams did not capture the true loudness of sound effects. Video capture is no where near DVD or VHS quality.

** You can use CTRL-F to search for any firework after going to any of the links below
** Viewing videos in full screen is not recommended. Most videos are 640x480
** All fireworks showcased in video clips were labeled 1.4G or Class C


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